#Change for yourself.

Know that the changes in the world are not coming from others, but rather when they hear from others you decide what to do in life. From this we move forward towards change. Keep trying to make changes in self. Because nature’s rule is change.

22 thoughts on “#Change for yourself.

      1. oh I see, good!! glad to know if I ever did so and and you feel so!! keep coming and consider being part of our community too then I have a 20 author blog!!

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  1. Changes in the world
    the world remains that
    what it was and is before humanity

    A different person
    touch me
    even without touch
    whether i want it or not

    I am dependent
    entangled inside and out

    The nature
    we are nature
    the change
    is in everything
    a law of nature

    The other is me
    the mirror of the soul

    The soul
    their destiny
    to be at the service of the soul
    from birth to death

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