##Keep on praising yourself!

Keep on praising yourself even in failure. Because just like we need air to breathe and stay alive, in the same way ‘Praise’ is the best medicine for the human soul. You do not need the Olympics gold medal to praise yourself. Nor is there a need to become a CEO to praise yourself. Even if you are a student, teacher, parent, employee. We all have their own successes and failures. Perhaps you are suffering a frustration of failure. This does not mean that we stop paying your attention. Praising yourself is the realization of self-realization.


#If there is a dream to become or create something then just become shirk.

The world has always been charming for the talented people. Those who have some talent, they get respected themselves. Skinny people make their hands streaks with their skill and skill. His life is Philosopite, just work, work only. People of such a personality know themselves, they recognize themselves, they recognize themselves. They know what they can and can not do, they know it well. They rubbish their inner talents in life struggles so that they become shrewd.

Impossible is possible only by efforts!

If possible to make the impossible possible to learn it must be done. No, yes, it is easy to make difficult, to make the impossible impossible, then there is only one formula, that effort. Those who try to turn their failures into successes. Nothing is difficult in life. Every goal can be achieved, the need to look at just your own efforts.

##Bunny to get out of negativity!

Laugh is a therapy. There is a way to avoid diseases, depression, stress, difficult situations, negativity is the way to get out. In every situation, if we keep laughing then we can not even imagine the way we are able to cope with the challenges of life. So if you have learned everything in life then you will have to learn to laugh too. If we learn this, then whatever we have learned in life, we can learn to put it in front of people in a better way. To make personality attractive, it has to be learned.

##Others have not learned to laugh at themselves!

Some people laugh at others, people of strong personality laugh at othersselves. We can make fun of their own shortcomings by laughing and laugh at themselves. If anyone can laugh at others, it is the easiest and to make your personality and to become strong, then learn how to laugh at themselves. Secondly make your joke. You can justify yourself, so you can hide your shortcomings in a great way.

# confront problems with stubbornness!

We have to face problems at some point of life. Many people can not cope with these problems, and stray from their goals. Problems should be met with

stubbornness. Running through problems is not the solution but finding solutions to problems is the biggest solution.

##Change thinking, change attitude!

Good rites and good manners make changes in the thinking of human beings. The atrocities against women are happening due to poor upbringing and poor thinking of men. Thinking can be made larger by expanding it. A good thought teaches humans to respect women, to respect them.

##Crying resource!

If we fail, we should correct our mistakes instead of blaming others or being miserable. Even the sadness can become like austerity for us. Most often, we blame the failure of others. The cry of the resources is crying.