#Not the success of successful people see their efforts!

Look at the people who are around us, who are successful in them. Do not look at their success. Look at their efforts, look at their efforts. How hard they have worked, how they have struggled. How much effort have we made to achieve the goal. Night and day, in the evening they have lived their dreams. What conditions have been tackled, what challenge is dealt with? These are the things to learn from successful people.

47 Replies to “#Not the success of successful people see their efforts!”

  1. Thanks so much for liking most of my past and present posts, truly appreciated. Your last quote is for my husband… but I am sure lot’s of people are not being appreciated as they should be. It’s just timely.

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  2. successful people
    have to go with their minds
    can keep its pace with him

    all people
    make for the day
    its the necessary work

    the work to the result
    the work
    to things
    for success
    to act

    the dream
    often tells me
    the contrary
    to my
    happy deed

    no human
    has ever
    for themselves
    and other
    the truth
    lifted out of nowhere

    the heroes of spirituality
    politics, science and society

    I plan every day
    me im humble
    the simple exercise

    I go daily
    to the school of the soul
    to learn that
    what I still have to learn

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