# World Disability day!

The helplessness is of the heart, not of the body.Any person, while being healthy, even accepts that he can not do anything, but with no physical impairment, his fame does not come in the shortfall. Continuing trying goes on ahead. The society says Divyaung but they have fulfilled one weakness with their power. Despite being physically and mentally unhealthy, they have shown the strength of their mind and now ours Turn us to help Bnenkinhen floors in flight by Huslon.


17 thoughts on “# World Disability day!

  1. Nice..check mine also

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  2. Very well said dear great post!!

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  3. Wonderful! I know many disabled people. I didn’t realize there was a day for awareness!

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  4. Thanks for the awareness. A great post


  5. Nice !!
    Thanks for sharing this valuable one 💙💙

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  6. And we of perfect limbs can do even more. This is very true, and we still sit and complain

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      1. 😊 Thanks for writing something beautiful ! You made my day.

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  7. Am reusit sa intru si sa vad ce trebuie…vin cu scuzele de rigoare !
    Un AN NOU,2019 cat mai minunat !
    Interesant totul !

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