#Ambition also kills the person!

Some people also believe that ambitions also kill people. When a person becomes more ambitious than needs, then there is also the mouth account, falls, flows, and falter. Sometimes the burden of ambitions too becomes such that after life, it is not worth going. When the person gets more ambition than the person, the burden of expectations and expectations is so much pressed that he can not even give the original as per his talent. Everyone sees him with his ambition glasses. In the front it only shows success. Her drawbacks, she does not see her weaknesses as a human. The drawbacks are seen but the ambition of ambition never lets him see. When ambitions break, then the scarcity is also so much that it is not the case for every person to handle.

62 thoughts on “#Ambition also kills the person!

  1. Bonjour ou bonsoir mon Amie , ami

    Un petit mot de tous les jours
    Ça va, merci!!
    C’est une marque de confiance , que je t’adresse
    Avec du soleil en abondance ou une nuit remplit de sommeil
    Pour moi
    Ces petits gestes viennent du cœur
    Je te fais aussi un clin d’œil que je puisse te faire sourire
    C’est une bonne recette du bonheur
    Gros bisous Bernard

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