# Time and energy in life are like two aspects of coin. Use it instead of misuse!

There is a limited stock of time and energy in our lives. As time passes, the time does not come back, in the same way if you shed all your energy to make others happy, then you will not be able to save anything for yourself. That is why we have our own energy in life and our Time is spent wisely, so that there is a better coordination between these two things.Whenever you feel that the energy aspect from your life is rapidly over If you are being happy, then start giving yourself time. When you are happy from inside, then the level of energy will increase automatically. In such a way when there is a lack of purpose in life, if nothing is going on, then in the well of others, our energy Start feeling.You will feel that your time is being utilized. You will also find your way.

79 Replies to “# Time and energy in life are like two aspects of coin. Use it instead of misuse!”

  1. Hi Rajani, I’d like to thank you for reading and viewing my blog/website, muchly appreciated, I hope you enjoy reading my humble writings, and I’m from, Geelong, Australia. Cheers. Ivor.

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  2. Bonjour mon ami(e) ou bonsoir RAJA

    Une jolie cascade de Bonheur

    Arrive sur ton univers
    Comme une fontaine magique
    Elle t’imprègne de son doux parfum
    Appelé “Amitié”
    Sur une rivière de tendresse
    Ou tombe une pluie de bisous
    Je te souhaite une bonne journée​
    Belle journée ou soirée​

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  3. Time and Energy:
    Yes, that’s true ! Time and energy are the two face factors of stock coin to utilize the distinct moments of life in working, learning and helping. This is the advanced brainpage and thoughts of cognitive knowledge that we achieve from the observation and experience of past life. Stephen Hawking’s time arrow is moving towards the future and we can’t return to the past in the same order of happenings according to the laws of thermodynamics.

    The concept of time and energy may be applied in the academic perspective of classroom situations. Students spend the time and effort of school hours in watching and listening to teaching performance. These two important factors of life are never applied in classroom to make the brainpage of knowledge transfer.

    This is the great drawback of school education in which high class teaching is emphasized but book to brain learning transfer is never focused in classroom. Ultimately, students will suffer and won’t succeed in knowledge transfer and brainpage development.

    Your article impressed me and refreshed my memory about Hawking’s space and time. Thanks for the constructive writing

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