#If every woman wants to raise the voice against the torture, he will adopt the path of empowerment of his hidden inside his own!

Women need to take steps for self-reliance and strengthening. To become a strong woman, why not gear up and live for yourself? Why not bolster your motives now? How to mentally empower yourself. Why not raise the voice against wrong? If you have made it a habit to see, hear and bear wrong, then it is very important to change it because you will be getting advice to keep compromising. Women need to keep their sides firmly. This is the path of women empowerment.

12 thoughts on “#If every woman wants to raise the voice against the torture, he will adopt the path of empowerment of his hidden inside his own!

  1. hi, a very good post but leaves out a very important point , men also need to stand up for women for if a man stands up for 1 women ,he also stands up for all women . since men(as a group) have been the oppressors off women for generations the support of the enlightened male would be a welcome. kindest regards bg🙂😎🙂

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  2. Very powerful post, friend. Men need to take responsibility to speak out against and about the vile and grotesque actions that other men have meted out to, and continue to rain down on women – the whole world around. I am more often than not ashamed of being a man when we witness with horror the rising tide of misogyny from politicians and religious leaders and the “man on the street”. The fight continues and and the struggle for respect and inclusion and fairness and equality in every sphere continues and we CAN make a change – many small changes by a person at a time can lead to huge changes – and once again there is no tomorrow to wait for. The struggle starts now

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