#The true meaning of living life.

We often like people who always say yes to us. They have no concern with what phase we are going through or in what sense are the things we are saying flowing through anger, love, sorrow and suffering. Such people have only one objective that they continue to benefit from us in any way. Surprisingly, we also like such people around us, because their consent in any of our actions gives us comfort that we are doing what we are doing. But, in reality these people are working to distance us from ourselves. The ability of such people to distinguish between right and wrong severely affects our ability. Therefore, it is important that those who only add yes to our yes, should be kept a little distance from them.

14 thoughts on “#The true meaning of living life.

  1. Guten Tag

    Die anderen sind in mir, neben meinem eigenen Schatten. Den eigenen zu bearbeiten, das ist die schwerste Aufgabe. Ich wünsche Dir frohe Weihnachten, ein warmes Feuer, für dich allein, in Deinem Herzen.

    Herzliche Grüsse

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      1. They argue professionally, however, many dark points appear in the unconscious with their own will. We have to make subjective comparisons so that the diversity of life for our spectrum, of thinking, can be integrated into our consciousness.
        I greet you kindly

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      2. My experience is not enough. The soul that lives since the beginning in all creatures and reincarnated. Up into the cosmos, into the depths of all being to explore. What remains is the lack of perfection that only the gods have.

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      3. You consider yourself professionally, but it should be borne in mind that your own shadow challenges the whole person; that the power of consciousness, beyond everything, cannot be compared to anything. How do you want to counter that with your doctrine for the better?

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