If you want to be cool then learn to be busy.that is called.but we look very busy, not actually we are more busy.being busy and being expert is a not thing.being productive is more important than being visible!

Nowadays everyone is very busy. Being busy is also a fashion. It can also make you feel special for a while. But most of them are forced to cry for their busyness and it stings. Being successful is also successful, it is a blank illusion. There is no need to be busy or visible all the time for success. Being busy is not a privilege. Those who are capable have control over their work and time. In such a situation, it is important to keep asking yourself that what is the reason you are so busy, what is improving in life? Is it that you are stuck in useless tasks? Our choice and happiness matter at work. Many parents do not have time to talk to children in the night.