How wrong is the way some people talk. But do you interrupt or block them? If not,start interrupting now. The time has come for the verbal to strictly voice against the abuses!

Remember, when someone makes a verbal debut with you, one way wants to control you emotionally. Actually, he wants to harass you by talking badly to you. In this way, he is trying to mentally degrade you. The first step to stand against this thinking would be to control one’s own feelings by ignoring the verbal abuse of the front. Without spoiling your own behavior, show the person in front that these things do not matter to you anymore. At this time, explain yourself only one thing that no one has the right to let you down.


  1. so touching… indeed no one has right to intrude in our mind, to torture it with words and yes I agree with you with thought that we should explain ourself that no one has the right to let you down.

    I guess this fear is build in us all through childhood, to not get in trouble and I guess that’s why we get weaker and it gets upon us.

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  2. I take it you are referring to a relationship type of setting? In other cases I might have to disagree and say you should choose your battles as sometimes not reacting and ghosting the person, or not reacting and then continuing to treat them with respect might make them start to treat you differently. But that doesn’t always work lol


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