It is not easy to praise or tolerate others!

It is not easy to praise or tolerate others. Most of our praise is compulsion or flattery. We are happy to pull our legs. We compare more, praise less. But whatever is good beyond our limits, this is the easy way to connect with others that we praise others. We like to cut our mind with each and every kind of posts and videos on social media. It is not that we do not brag about others or we always praise ourselves for flattery and meaning. But, to magnify others is our weak vein on which we need to work.

17 thoughts on “It is not easy to praise or tolerate others!

  1. This is an awesome post! We often love to bring each other down. We do a great job at it but are so poor at raising each other up and helping each other to be the best we can be. We think it takes away from ourselves but nothing is farther from the truth! When we trutly see ourselves as a community, when we build each other up, we all win! There is no need for jealousy or envy. Be Blessed and have a wonderful weekend!

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  2. There is space for everyone out here. Although it is human nature to compare.. We could learn from others and try to develop ourselves. Also, be thankful to them for giving us an opportunity to influence our perspective. A thought-provoking post.


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