There are many barriers in our imagination!


The outside world has boundaries, but not the inner. Logic takes us to a distance, but imaginations take us anywhere. Our dreams are able to breathe the truth only by holding the finger of our thinking. The horses of imagination run by everyone, but they are not able to run till late. There are speed breakers along the way.

52 thoughts on “There are many barriers in our imagination!

  1. Logic The Tool… NoW
    God The iMaGiNaTioN
    Of Creativity True Why Be
    Just A Tool🕰When the Other Place is No Time,
    Distance, Space, Or
    Matter As Quantum
    Mechanics Relates
    Do God Free Cake
    iCinG LoVinG iT All NoW🌊

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  2. I do not know why but I was not receiving your emails anymore now I am back and I had to refollow you. WordPress does that a lot I find myself after a comment having to re follow the site.


  3. The inner world makes no difference
    compared to the outside world
    between wanting, feeling and thinking

    Love is not a magic word
    against the horror
    from inside and outside

    what we can’t change for the better
    I want to endure

    The outside world has its own
    the inner world
    the microcosm
    its own limits

    the autonomous pure reason
    plays with arrogance
    the world of one’s own thoughts

    the dream knows
    transforms the inside
    to the outside

    our idea of being
    and of non-being
    of our questions
    they let themselves through
    connected with the umbilical cord
    answer into the universe

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      1. Good day Sir

        In my deliberations, I thought to myself
        that you are a woman

        Many thanks for your good wishes

        Best regards
        Hans Gamma


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