Imaginations are more important than knowledge!

We all make fantasies. Everything that appears to be true today has started with fantasies. We can imagine everything. However, the barriers of thinking in these corridors are not reduced. Many ideas are still buried deep inside. Sometimes we are not encouraged, sometimes the situation is not right. Sometimes we get so caught up in the routine that we do not allow our imagination to roam freely. Sometimes what we think becomes right there. And this is what we forget. We think on obstacles and go on stumbling. Knowledge is limited and imagination can cover the whole world. While knowledge engages the conscious world, the imagination dives into the vast ocean of the subconscious mind.


102 Replies to “Imaginations are more important than knowledge!”

  1. Great blog! So true. The imagination is so very important, without one a person would be idle and stagnant. Idle minds ultimately flirt with madness. Imaginations allow us to create from past life experiences or aspirations from our dreams. Nice job!

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  2. Good day

    Thank you for your thoughts
    on the subject of fantasy

    my answer:

    Fantasies, I think
    have their own life
    if we make it ourselves
    something remains in them
    unfinished hanging

    the truth
    nobody knows

    us something
    to imagine
    does not last forever

    thinking needs the network
    with the feeling
    the feeling
    the premonition there

    the soul brings everything to light
    when she’s the soul
    the people
    destined to things
    in calls for work
    compels him

    just like her life
    from the cosmos
    the people on earth
    encompassed by the universe

    man likes himself
    still think so much
    the stumbling
    the Failure
    in doing
    is part of life

    man becomes the secret
    of life never to the bottom
    recognize and record

    knowledge rides on knowledge
    Idea after idea
    until someone comes

    it was the fact
    not close enough
    of the reality
    been close

    the subconscious
    the microcosm
    is like the ocean

    the desperate attempt
    with the imagination
    with a tablespoon
    to be able to exploit

    Best regards
    Hans Gamma


  3. Indeed, imagination is very important. Kids have tons of it, and they freely express it. I think that as we get older, we can get too used to “things have to be a certain way.” And that dramatically reduces our imaginations. I keep trying to encourage my imagination to fly in new places.

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