At times in moments of sadness,it is difficult to maintain curiosity.

At times in moments of sadness, it is difficult to maintain curiosity. But it is true that people who have a desire can recover quickly from their sorrows. The desire to know others’ happiness and sorrow even when they are grieving, empathizing with them brings us closer to others. Our interest in others gives us the ground to understand them, to connect with them, and the sky of new possibilities. And it is no small matter.

152 thoughts on “At times in moments of sadness,it is difficult to maintain curiosity.

  1. Good day
    In the deepest abandonment
    in pain and distress
    nobody not human
    even if I do
    the word
    to an explanation
    my findings
    use the scriptures
    likes for
    the pastor
    the doctor
    the next
    my own
    subjective moment
    to appease
    for the healthy
    the strong
    the sublime
    the good ones
    the successful ones
    to be helpful
    they move away
    with their upper hand
    well meant too
    maybe they will
    their own hidden misery
    through my sad existence
    be touched by it
    they become the destination
    my soul
    what she does to me
    not recognize
    they look up
    my disease
    like angels
    the one next to the father
    sit in heaven
    and advise
    and babble
    me her hands
    with with their words
    prayers and rituals
    for recovery
    in my wounds
    to lay
    Reply to: rajanisingh885721172
    Best regards
    Hans Gamma

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  2. beautifully penned! i totally agree. thanks for sharing💗
    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested! Your feedback or suggestions for improving my blog would be very much appreciated! have a wonderful day💗

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  3. As we all know, life will always put us in the way of good situations and difficult situations. In it we will experience joys, sadness, pain, smiles and many more things that we must know how to face.
    Nowadays it is not at all unusual to find in our day sad, downcast people, among others. Remember that true friendship is shown in tough times.
    Good post. We are moved to reflect and make ourselves see the importance of empathy with the people around us.
    A big hug

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  4. Hello thank you for your nice compliment on my blog, your comment was spam, I don’t know why and I found him yesterday very unhappy to be left alone and forgotten;)
    Good day to you

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  5. “A sky of new possibilities”….wow….I would also add that it’s OK to not be OK….sometimes….healing is a process which can take a fraction of a second to unknown time….my point is to connect with the being we are through healing our sores….is the core to bounce back….sometimes it’s just not desire when one is down….coz everything could be gloomy….am I making sense?

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