Being happy is your choice.worry can be troubles and difficulties in your life, despite this,if you decide that you want to be happy,then you will be happy in any case.

You do not need to be locked out somewhere to be happy or for spiritual peace. There is something in front of you and within you, which you can learn. Just take care not to imagine your happiness with such things, which you do not have. You will have both grief and happiness, remove grief and fill yourself with happiness. If you tell yourself that you are happy, then you will definitely be happy. Thousands of followers in wealth and fame and social media do not guarantee that you can be happy. Last year, when we all took shelter in the security camp of our loved ones under the fear of Corona, we found that there is no need to spend a lot of money to be happy. Just being with your loved ones and the health of your loved ones is enough for the heart to be happy. There is no option to be unhappy for things you cannot change or for those things you can change. There is no point in running a race behind success, you cannot be happy by joining this race. The journey feels good only when you like the mind. They also have a different philosophy about successful people. They want to see success on the face of the people, in the eyes. To achieve the happiness that we roam through our lives, if it does not appear on your face, then your hard work, wealth and achievements do not make any sense.


55 Replies to “Being happy is your choice.worry can be troubles and difficulties in your life, despite this,if you decide that you want to be happy,then you will be happy in any case.”

  1. Smiles Being
    Happy is


    Or Word

    Alone Now

    Find The




    You Become

    The Feeling

    Free Fair Winds

    And Following Seas

    Will Naturally



    And Words Next

    Hehe At Least This Is

    The Way Modern


    Sees A Life

    Of Happy




    First Then Song
    True Make It A Happy
    One With Enough


    One Will Light
    Their “Christmas
    Tree” New Colors

    In Flow Year

    Round Where

    Loving Gives
    Shares Free

    With Least


    And Resistance

    As Streams Make
    Rivers Ocean Whole


    Waves Same 🌊

    Different Colors of Course🎄

    Our Living Trees Leaves Touch🍃

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      1. Oh My Goodness
        What A Coincidence
        i Forgot You

        Are The

        One With

        The Christmas

        Tree Avatar Last

        Time i Used



        And It Comes
        Again Now



        The Inspiration
        Of Your Words

        And Your


        Tree Avatar

        i See At


        End Now
        As i Saw in

        The Beginning Before🎄

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  2. Wow!! Incredible. I must appreciate the way you put your thoughts. Great.
    But hey! I Few days back, I have started my blogging site which is all about positivity and mental health. It will mean world to me if you may stop by my page and shower some love.
    Have a great day!❤

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  3. I have been abused since I was only 4 years old and I still don’t know if it was someone from my family (uncle, cousin, grandfather, or friend of the family) and therefore my happiness was taken away from me so quickly that all theories and ideas of world are not enough to bring my soul back to life. I also went through years of therapy, but you will understand that undergoing such bad things as a child destroyed my inner world. I saved myself, thanks to my imagination and creativity. I have never had help from anyone and even if I always do good in return I always receive evil. I don’t believe in happiness. It is a harmful and illusory word.

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      1. Yes, I believe in God and it is God who has given me a very strange and powerful gift: I know the future, because one of his messengers showed it to me. I try to tell people but no one believes me. I am not a special person, I am just a dried up little flower. But I know that God is great and he sees in my heart, my heart has only his light and I do not want anything from my life, I have only his light and this is enough for me.

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  4. Being happy is a spiritual condition, we have practice mindfulness constantly.We actually don’t know what is coming next. Life we’ll deal with a lot of opportunities and adversity but only us can choose what to focus. WE CHOOSE BEING HAPPY 🙂👏

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  5. Really relateble I just started my own travel blog and then covid hit and I could not travel anymore from my country. No travel planning for me at all 😦


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