You may see door closed for you!

You may see every door closed for you, but you must keep your doors open. The scope should be maintained to make it easier for others to reach you. Some should keep doing this so that others can see you welcoming them. You should see, hear, make others feel special, love and be ready to help them.

45 Replies to “You may see door closed for you!”

  1. Hello Ma’am, This is Komal Shinde. Am a Masters student pursuing Communication and Journalism. Currently, I am doing research on Challenges female faces while sharing their experiences while blogging online. Would you be interested in contributing for the same

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  2. An open and healthy environment is essential if we really want to make something happen.
    You are my inspiration.πŸ™


  3. Doors that close open make us cautious of keeping other doors open. A sort of trauma response. True joy comes from keeping those doors open, so as to experience more life to the fullest. Very nice.


  4. Rajanisingh, a wonderful philosophy and one I subscribe to, but I also think we should not be naive. I thought of a quote from the Bible when I read this. “Behold, I send you out in the midst of wolves. Therefore, be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” Matthew 10:16 KJV I am not religious, but I think this is good advice. πŸ™‚
    Have a great week! ❀

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  5. I have no
    honed tongue
    that means a lot to me
    him by all means
    to capture with a play on words

    when me a fire
    brushes from your eyes
    I will you
    the riot
    unattainable lust
    don’t confess in me

    You don’t have me
    said goodbye
    in the church
    Did you
    in singing
    stood next to me
    and quietly after
    my god asked me

    in me is because of it
    no scar appeared
    You wake me up every day
    in my memories

    If I had to
    or never
    are you
    in me
    come alive

    the soul is the one
    I see you in her
    I do not have you
    thrown in her arms

    I have to
    no door in me
    keep open

    is in me
    a passage
    the day
    the night
    on both sides

    I am
    a simple person
    I’m trying
    indivisible human dignity
    seen in all


  6. Wow! I find your view very interesting. I must admit I prefer to keep doors closed and shut out the past and some people. I will however keep the future doors and current doors open which are more positive. I have shut out the negative ones and feel better for it.

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