Many things we do because of our fear!

Many things we do because of our fear. But due to the same fear, we are left with doing many things. Our fear drives us away from many wonderful moments of life. Work is done by the dead, but the joy of doing it remains incomplete. Do not walk like that , The way fear drives you. Walk the way love runs you. The way happiness drives you.

22 Replies to “Many things we do because of our fear!”

  1. Fear kills us. Many people including me, live miserable life. The society has a lot of things which make us fearful. We think twice before taking any action.

    However, I think the person who can defeat his or her fear, such a person is stronger than the person who is already strong.

    We should increase our curiosity to learn and understand the people and their issues. Tendency to deal with the situation in right and positive way can help us to become fearless.

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  2. Meine Angst
    hält mich zurück
    Dinge zu tun

    die ich sonst
    bereuen würde

    das Leben
    hält nichts

    was wir uns
    mit unserer Sehnsucht
    als ein Wunder bezeichnen

    die Toten
    klopfen in uns an
    an unsere Tür
    von dem was sie
    in ihrem eigenen Leben
    sich Schuld aufgeladen haben

    sie bitten uns
    um Vergebung

    ich gehe mit meinem Verdorbenen
    das ich nicht verdrängen will
    mit meiner Angst
    meinen eigenen Weg

    der Antrieb des Lebens
    will dass ich tagtäglich
    versuche das Bessere zu wagen

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  3. Fear can be seen from an early age, if we support the children to explore and be curious to concor some of their fears it could help them become less fearful in later life. Adult fear can prevent us from reaching our goals and dreams which can mean we might stay in a miserable job or not have fun by trying new things and possibilities. Its always good to follow your heart and reach out past the fear every now and again as it can be great and bring benefits and learning experiences. Go with love and happiness, the way it drives you in life.

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