We do not express our true feelings to others!

We do not express our true feelings to others. We are motivated to suppress our emotions. Positive thinking is dominating excessively. It is necessary to look happier than being happy. It is day and night. If there is happiness, then there is also sorrow. Neither you are a robot nor others. Do not live a muddy life.


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    1. Sometimes it’s actually good (depend on circumstances) to shut the mouth , for our loved ones .
      But not everytime (my perspective).


  1. You are right . “We are motivated to suppress our emotions “- I can feel it. When we were in childhood most of had experienced that everyone taught me not to cry , only smile .
    If we can’t cry property how will we smile ???
    There’s a ritual to do fake smile .
    Anyway I love your post πŸ’—

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  2. Feelings Are Muscles Keeping in
    Touch With Them Expressing
    Them Some Way Best

    In Art

    Of However
    We Communicate

    Best Regulating
    Emotions Integrating
    Senses Playing With

    Dark Emotions We

    Experience to

    Come to

    Ways To
    Color Our

    Souls Loving
    Creating New

    Colors Loving

    Life Again Saddest

    Part is When Folks So
    Many Say Emotions Are
    A Waste Of Time And

    Must Be Lost
    For Rational Decisions

    When The Rationality

    Of Science Says



    And Bring
    Almost Every
    Decision We
    Make In Life




    Master Cognitive
    Executive Functioning
    In Laser Focus And Short
    Term Working Memory

    To Master



    Too Making

    Feeling Muscles

    Stronger Key

    To All
    Human Success
    Where LoVE iN Grace
    Of Balance Builds Great

    Strength And


    Of Focus😊🏝

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  3. The first line got me good. This is my favourite line and quite a sad one at it: “It is necessary to look happier than being happy”.

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  4. Unser GefΓΌhl
    unsere Empfindungen
    sind nicht
    unter einer Obhut

    in einer Festung
    von klar bezugnehmender
    Wirklichkeit von Wahrehit

    das Leben selbst
    aus dem Keim
    wir alle sind

    niemand anderer
    als wir selbst

    kann uns den
    Tag die Nacht

    die Not in uns selbst
    im jetzt erkennen

    in der Schau
    auf unser Gesicht
    auf die Bewegung
    die Gestik
    unserem Ausdruck
    durch Wort und Sprache

    uns die Zukunft

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  5. Mi sovviene il pagliaccio mascherato che finge di piangere o ridere
    ma Γ¨ un pagliaccio e tutto gli Γ¨ permesso
    per noi mortali sempre piΓΉ difficile decifrare il vero interesse di che abbiamo dinanzi. la prudenza ci sta distruggendo, meditiamo

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  6. Completely agree. We live moments where it’s considered normal to be unrealistically happy and I believe that not because of positive thinking, but out pure hypocrisy. Isn’t fashionable be a human, but a plastic monstrosity.

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