True happiness is hidden in freedom of mind

True happiness is hidden in freedom of mind. We may look independent, but our mind is tied in many bonds. Sometimes we run towards social media for happiness and sometimes towards relatives. But, this happiness does not last. We all want to be happy, but real happiness comes only when we are spending time leisurely, we take small decisions in life and we are not under any kind of pressure, our mental Do not depend on anyone else for peace. But we connect our happiness with such things, which we do not insist on. Therefore, when difficulties arise, patience begins to be answered. Liberate yourself from mental slavery. No one else but ourselves can liberate our mind.


73 Replies to “True happiness is hidden in freedom of mind”

  1. True indeed
    I believe real happiness is found in bring content with who you are and what you have whilst working towards bigger dreams and goals
    Good post it is

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  2. Well done !
    I am convinced of few things in life, but I have come to know that joy resides in each of us. It is a blazing fire of which we must be aware, this fire is in each of us, we must protect and maintain it. I like joy, I often write on my e-mails “With Joy”, it’s quite unusual, it may surprise, but it’s made to challenge, to bring who knows at this moment a spark of joy in the life of my interlocutor designated as virtual …
    Thank you for your articles which are always of high quality, and full of wisdom.
    I’m happy to follow you, and I tell you, I do …
    with happiness !

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  3. From What
    i’ve Felt Happiness
    Is A Free Dance And Song

    From What i’ve


    Folks Let


    And Steal

    All Their
    EYes Of The
    Other Animals

    Free in Balance Away

    Only If A Bird On

    A Naked

    Trees Flying
    Free For One Day
    β€˜They’Too May



    β€œThe Cuckoo’s”
    Nest Feathered Fur Free

    Or β€˜Think’


    A Human
    Pandemic it Truly is…

    At Least

    If The

    Rest Of


    In Words

    Away From 🐿
    Feathered Fur Wind πŸͺΆπŸ¦…

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  4. Freedom gives
    it doesn’t in us

    we are on
    the umbilical cord
    of life

    to the
    Earth and
    the environment

    a decision
    matures from strength
    from all of us
    comprehensive soul

    our consciousness
    which we as
    a higher self

    the free spirit
    on the highest throne
    exaggerate us with it

    impressed things
    what we think
    and do little

    humility can help
    the faint
    the vulnerability
    of us humans
    to accept

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  5. For me happiness lies in small things. The best and sustaining happiness I get through working on my ideas. We can get satisfaction from eating the fresh food on the time or drinking cool water in the hot summer.

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  6. To be happy is overrated. Besides, moments of sadness is necessary to feel happy. Maybe this is also one of the reasons so many people today don’t feel happy – although they desperately want to. Because they are afraid to feel sad. It’s twisted, but I think kinda true.

    I’m all for leisure though. Leisure is good!

    Less work, more leisure β€” my motto!

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  7. Yes, it is our soul that is able to free us from the bondage of the mind and the mind itself is in the bondage of the outward going faculties, the outward-oriented senses. As the soul is of the same essence as that of God, it is also God who can help us rise above the body-consciousness. Eternal happiness does not lie in wishes that we fulfill, not in matter and dust, but towards the inner light and sound, in our real home eternal, where light is hidden in light.

    Thank you very much for sharing, dear friend πŸ™‚
    From heart to heart

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  8. Taking time gor yourself and listening to your heart, acting upon your souls needs, if you need rest, connections or nature. I find happiness through different ways, I do however enjoy walks in nature and listening to music. This is a lovely post.

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  9. Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon everyday. It’s always interesting to read through articles from other authors and use something from other web sites.

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