No chance to introduce yourself should be missed! πŸ€—πŸ€—

No chance to introduce yourself should be missed. Maybe then you can find something where you are not judged by your work. Or even by what you have achieved and not been able to do in life. In fact, there is no point in creating an image in your head and sticking to it, and you will find that you can do much better when you stop doing that. When you focus only on your goal without being influenced by external conditions or trying to mold yourself accordingly, there is a feeling of greater satisfaction. Because at that time you are in an awakened state and the events happening around do not affect your actions or performance. When you find yourself in this position, learn to use your challenges as a guide. In simple words, when we change the direction of our thinking, then struggle also becomes a guide and then it doesn’t matter what we do. That is, if any kind of physical or mental challenge is accepted correctly, it can work to wake up the sleeping from within us. We can remain connected to ourselves while doing our work even in the midst of stress. Being connected to ourselves enables us to understand the importance and beauty of our struggles.


12 Replies to “No chance to introduce yourself should be missed! πŸ€—πŸ€—”

  1. Hi Rajani,

    This is the most valuable advice I can get from a well wisher.
    In fact, I felt it’s need.

    In today’s where there are a large amount of data, roadmaps, hours of tutorial videos, separate ebooks and one on one online guidance etc. available, an individual find himself or herself lost in all this.

    There’s a continuous pressure to perform the best. The people in your surroundings as an audience will not hesitate for a moment to mock you or criticize you.

    A short, meaningful and clear cut introduction is a good way to begin our conversation.

    The only difference between I and Chat-GPT is that β€œI’m a human” and not the matter of intelligence.

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