Time has its own pace and we have ours!!

Time has its own pace and we have ours. Often he keeps moving forward, we are left behind. We are stuck only in the sour-sweet, sometimes painful memories of the past. The more the difference between us and the speed of time, the more our problems become. It starts growing, life can be understood by looking back, but to live life one has to look forward.


5 Replies to “Time has its own pace and we have ours!!”

  1. The soul is timeless
    she has no time for us

    what we did
    or not
    can in the book
    of life
    cannot be extinguished

    whether we like it or not
    brings us the soul
    the soul reminds us

    “You did that
    and you are too ”

    real life

    the past
    and the future
    remain closed to us
    is this here and now

    as long as we live

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