There is a comfort zone of not only happiness, but also sorrow.the possibility of something worse going on keeps up from getting out of our current situation.many times both our thoughts and work have merit, preparation is also complete, just the courage needed to move forward,we can not gather there itself.but it is also true that we can not always remain where we are.

It is not easy to follow the path leading to progress. Many kinds of fear disturb. The heart is saying something, the mind is saying something. Outside our safe circle, we find ourselves very weak. Every new start scares us. So in order to move forward, we have to first overcome our inner fear. Whether we are happy or sad, like our life or dislike, we become accustomed to living in a way. We find it difficult to keep pace with new responsibilities. We are afraid of losing, of laughing at others, of losing relationships, of losing what is at hand. For new changes, we also have to change our habits. So every new beginning makes us trouble. We tend to avoid moving forward.

There is so much to see and do in the world. We can not do anything even if we want to. But,we can also do a lot within our limits. Limits do not always stop. The problem is not through having boundaries, not knowing them. On working, it is known that the real limit is in our own mind.

We all have our limits. But is it right to throw all your failures at those limits? The problem is that we do not even do what we can. A lot of big things can be created in the realm of boundaries. Actually, the boundaries tell us what we can do, what we can do or not. Which do you want to do, which do not. Who can come close to us, who cannot. In this way, our attitude towards life also becomes reflected in our works. The point is also that we are less compelled than resources, more by our mind. There is no limit to this garden of the world, which is in our own mind. Most of the limitations we impose on our mind. The boundaries of our mind open when we work fully. And then the most important thing is that there is no limit to the person who loves himself and others.

At times in moments of sadness,it is difficult to maintain curiosity.

At times in moments of sadness, it is difficult to maintain curiosity. But it is true that people who have a desire can recover quickly from their sorrows. The desire to know others’ happiness and sorrow even when they are grieving, empathizing with them brings us closer to others. Our interest in others gives us the ground to understand them, to connect with them, and the sky of new possibilities. And it is no small matter.

Imaginations are more important than knowledge!

We all make fantasies. Everything that appears to be true today has started with fantasies. We can imagine everything. However, the barriers of thinking in these corridors are not reduced. Many ideas are still buried deep inside. Sometimes we are not encouraged, sometimes the situation is not right. Sometimes we get so caught up in the routine that we do not allow our imagination to roam freely. Sometimes what we think becomes right there. And this is what we forget. We think on obstacles and go on stumbling. Knowledge is limited and imagination can cover the whole world. While knowledge engages the conscious world, the imagination dives into the vast ocean of the subconscious mind.

Do not tie yourself in feelings

Being sensitive to others is indeed a very good quality, but never let it dominate your personality. This does not mean that you stop being influenced by the feelings and deeds of others, but it is true that never keep any one emotion from your chest for a long time. Especially fighting – feelings like jealousy, jealousy or jealousy. Nor expect anyone to treat you as sensitive as you. Because we all have different actions, thoughts, character and environment, according to which we form our thinking or decide our behavior towards others. So it would be best for you to accept everyone with an open heart and mind and whenever one of the painful feelings starts to have more impact on your mind then after feeling for a time, end it with a feeling of love, peace and kindness. You will live a peaceful life otherwise you will drown in negativity.

Mystery Blogger Award 3

I’m so excited for nominated in the Liebster Blogger Award and thanks to Atul for nominating me this amazing award. He is a great blogger and a nice person at heart. All blog or articles of Atul is meant to empower, inspire and enlighten to the readers and make them feel happy, and i love reading her post. Hope for continuing support from Atul in future.