Very rarely do we get to know about others!

Very rarely do we get to know about others. There is also a lot behind what we can see in the front, which needs to be understood. The truth of others is not in what he is showing us, but in what he cannot show us. If someone wants to understand, do not just listen to what he says, but also listen to what he cannot say.


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  1. An Intimate
    Rajani Of Another

    Human In
    A World Of

    Twitter Depth




    Of Own Soul

    To Breathe Free See
    Sadly In Some Cases
    Let’s Face It There is

    More of What A Person

    Does Than How



    In Feelings
    Senses Within

    Shall We Just

    Do Or BREaTHE Colors New🎼😊

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  2. Knowing a person in depth, with all its positive and negative parts, is something that implies more intimacy, many hours, many different situations and sharing something more than a dinner or a night out. When we are disappointed, we realize how difficult it is to access what a person really is.
    Greetings and have a good weekend.
    Manuel Angel

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  3. We can
    in no one else
    see inside

    also in ourselves
    remains the reason
    The being
    of life
    a secret

    the truth
    as a term
    the other

    with it a person
    to understand

    by what
    the other
    not just through
    what he says
    in his body image
    the movement
    becomes visible to us

    all senses
    on yourself
    directed in ourselves

    in the mirror
    in ourselves
    the other
    the world
    as a parable

    the word is
    a tool
    is it spoken
    it belongs to the world
    and not the author

    the silence
    is the highest kind
    one against himself
    and other
    directed aggression

    we can
    with our talents
    only a little
    from the real one
    understand the world

    with himself
    to become more conscious
    try the better
    on your own way

    Reply to: rajanisingh


  4. Hidden feelings, people hide their past pains, guilt, and sometimes happiness. Exploring the good and the bad of a person’s soul can help create connections. People act differently in different environments and around different people. It is extremely difficult to get to know the real person but when you do, there will b an incredibly soul connection, if you too show your true self then the connection will pull you both together. You have written a lovely post which has interesting views and I very much understand. Thank you

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