Following the crowd,we are left as a crowd!

Following the crowd, we are left as a crowd. It is necessary for success to walk on new paths. But, the fear within us stops us from growing on unintended paths. Once you release this fear. So there is no need to look back. There are always two paths in front. You move on the path on which fewer people walk. This changes everything.


24 Replies to “Following the crowd,we are left as a crowd!”

  1. A Hardest Part Still of
    Forging A New Path

    Is Social Animals
    Find Comfort
    In The Glue

    Of Tradition

    Yet It Is Possible

    To Forge A New

    Path If Solo

    Is What It Takes

    And Outcast From

    Others Is The


    Of Leaving



    Our Own Glue

    Of Comfort

    And Happiness

    Possible Through

    Autotelic Flow

    In A Journey

    Of Creativity

    More Solo
    And Modern


    Provides Life Support

    Away From Human

    Hands In Our

    Own Pandemic

    Lives Separated

    More From Others

    On The


    With Others
    In An Online

    Ocean Where

    At Least A



    Will Understand

    Value in Our Novel Paths๐Ÿ˜Š

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  2. Going the road less traveled is not wanting to be a special person, or to be a rebel without a cause. It is simply about not wanting to be part of the crowd, or what is the same, to reach those places where the crowd only dreams. You have to create your own path and believe in it.
    Good weekend
    Manuel Angel

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  3. This is not always true. If you take the road that says “Forbidden Meaning”, there may be some problems …
    It was a joke. A driver hears a warning on the radio in his car. Be careful because a madman is moving fast on the opposite direction and exclaims: Which one? Dozens, hundreds !!!


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