Curiosity opens the closed doors!!

Curiosity opens the closed doors. It blossoms when we open. Our world is as big as our desire to know new. Curiosity changes the way we see, speak, hear and understand. Children are curious, so they keep chirping. Elder, all are imprisoned for killing themselves. Keep a desire to always know new life in life.

89 thoughts on “Curiosity opens the closed doors!!

  1. Der Wunsch nach Neuem
    der Wille die eigene Begierde
    die Lust an Dingen und Menschen
    für sich selbst erfüllt zu haben

    Unsere Sprache
    in all ihrer Vielfalt
    kommt aus
    wie das Geschenk des Lebens
    aus einem Kern

    Man kann
    nur daran sterben
    im eigenen Leben
    wenn sich der Mensch
    sich selbst
    als unsterblich meint

    das Leben hat nicht
    auf uns gewartet
    es ist uns gegeben
    in jedem Atemzug
    in jedem Moment
    bis an unser eigenes End

    Ich wünsche Ihnen ein gesegenetes
    neues Jahr

    Hans Gamma

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  2. The butterflies of curiosity help to understand our world. We see them, we feel them, but not every time we would recognize them between all the moments in our life, but they are strong and they stay with us what ever happened until we give them again the room to fly. It is one of our challenges as an adult to come back on this path to learn, that our soul need the positive and relaxed point of view of our childhood to grow. Thank you so much for your words and the wonderful pictures. Regards, Christine

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  3. very true. it is curiousity that brings about development. it is curiousity that triggers the continuous quest to make life better. it is curiousity that brings us to a world beyond our present.

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